Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roundabout Coincidences

Funny little blogging tidbit. So I read {this is glamorous}, which is full of lovely, inspiring photos and blog links. I happened to click on a link to another blog, just randomly, since I don't generally have time to check them all out. And I found Bloom, Grow, Love. I loved the photos the author takes, so I was reading some of her older posts, and saw she had an Etsy store. So I clicked on the link to the store, the first item of which was a set of postcards of Paris in Spring. Beautiful really. They happened to remind me of some postcards I ordered last summer to send to a friend. Some of my favorite postcards of all time! Lovely stormy colors, pearlized paper, enough space to write what I wanted.

And then, as I was scrolling through her other items, lo and behold, there were the postcards I ordered over a year ago! What a small blogging world... wait, what am I saying? There are millions of blogs in the world, many many many of which are photo blogs. Not to mention millions of etsy accounts. So what are the chances of me clicking in a roundabout, non-intentional sort of way, back to a site I visited a year ago? I should think slim to none.

And yet Mr. Beebe's voice from A Room With A View can't help but come into my head. If I'm interested in a particular thing (beautiful things, photography, postcards) is it any wonder I should happen upon already found beauties from people interested in things similar? I don't know. I just don't know. What a happy coincidence though! Thank you, Alicia Block, for taking such wonderful photographs!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Decorating

So, Elisa and I have been talking a lot about decorating the house. Our landlord is very chill, happy to let us change the flooring and walls to our delight. We're putting in the cheapest fake wood floor we can find at Ikea and then covering it up with area rugs. That's pretty much decided. But what I've been going back and forth on for ages is the color scheme I want. And I think I've finally - FINALLY - decided.

To begin, I'm using this photo to sort of focus my palette. I love bright colors. Especially these shades of bright colors.

With that photo in mind, I've chosen this as the color for my walls. I haven't decided on a trim yet, though I'm considering a darker shade or a brown, but I really love this color. I've wanted to paint something this colors probably my entire adult life. Why it wasn't the first thing I thought of is actually rather surprising.

Magically, well... ok... not magically, because this is the exact reason I started thinking about these colors together... I've found a beautiful pink couch for only $150. I love it so much! I'm shocked it hasn't been scooped up already by hipster kids in the Salt Lake area. See what I mean?

And to top it off, there are two other couches on ksl that miiiight go perfectly. I want to check them out first because it says they're rocker loveseats?? And I'm not a fan of tippy stuff generally. I'll probably never in my life own a swivel recliner (one because they're cheesy and gross, and two because, well, see above). But the fabric on these couches are perfect. And the colors fit right in with my overall scheme.

If forced to choose, I'd much prefer the orange couch, but our living room is definitely large enough for all three to fit. If I think they match well enough at least.

As for lighting, Greg Nichols gave me the best idea ever! Our ceiling lights are 1) way way way too high to change (the ceiling is about 12-13 feet high) and 2) not very good at lighting the living room. We of course have the option of floor lamps. Which have worked ok in the past. But I find them annoying to move around and not great at filling the whole room with light.

So instead, I want to string bulbs back and forth, hung from the thick trim that sits about 3 feet below the ceiling (I'm too lazy to take a photo or else I'd just show you). It would be something akin to this but strung closer together. We'd do it in the main part of the living room, possibly in the back part as well (by the entry). I'd probably add some floor lamps too, but at least we'd have some light coming from the ceiling. And fun lights at that.

And the dining room. Well. That I'm still working on. I'm not sure if I'll paint the walls the same color throughout or change the color scheme a bit. Elisa and I have talked about possibly doing Japanese or Indian style seating. I've been mulling it over. On the one hand, it means I only need to buy a table, no chairs. And I think it could look very nice. On the other, we have a dog. And I don't like the idea of Sego being so close to the area we eat. If that makes any sense. Fur and everything considered. So that's still up in the air. Mainly it will come down to what I can afford I suppose.

Oh, and art! I'd love to cover the walls as much as possible in art drawn/painted/photographed etc. by our friends. I'm really really excited about that!

And that's all I've got so far. I wanted to write all this down though before I forget about it or lose my vision :) Let me know what you think, if anyone's reading this.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

8 things thing

Well, I've been tagged (there's a first for everything I suppose). And unlike the 25-things-about-me facebook phenom that I vehemently refused to participate in, I'm actually going to fill this one out. Mainly because I'm waiting for my laundry to be done, and, well, Jillian-Anne's blog is one of the few I look forward to reading :)

8 things I look forward to:
* starting cosmetology school in June
* going back to Aus some day
* owning a charger for my Macbook again so I can stop mooching off Elisa (I yub you Eesa)
* not being dirt poor for a little while (yessss! to student loan money)
* going home to visit my fam sometime this summer
* furniture! and paint! and wood floors! (June June June June June)
* Harry Potter 6
* watching O'Grady with John-Ross

8 things I did yesterday:
* played with Sego
* watched Ryan, Olivia, and Joe weed the garden (because I'm a slacker)
* listened to some Craig David (bahaha. but seriously.)
* cleaned out my cupboard in the kitchen
* got some soul shaking hiccups that took ages to get rid of
* interviewed for a job I don't really want but definitely need
* facebook stalked (i know) <- Me too, J. Me too.
* watched some 30 Rock

8 things I wish I could do:
* clean anything and everything with the snap of a finger
* apparate
* travel the world in a year
* be done with school (cosmetology and my BA)
* play an instrument well enough to be in a band
* be completely self sufficient in a house far away from the rest of civilization
* own a puppy
* grow my hair out faster

8 shows I watch:
* Gossip Girl
* 30 Rock
* Dexter
* It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
* Arrested Development (well, the DVDs anyway)
* O'Grady (also no longer on the air, but one of the best cartoons ever)
* The Simpsons (only the old seasons now and then though)
* uuuuuuh... I can't think of anything else. Soooo.... my life. I watch my life.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just some rambling

So our house looks lovely. Well. Clean anyway. Thanks to a lot of help from a lot of people. Next up is wood floors and new paint, but I suspect that'll be waiting until June.

Todays Figure Drawing Session went pretty well. Smaller than I'd hoped, but I think it'll grow as we get the word out. I got some great ideas about where to advertise, so I'm going to work on making a nice, permanent poster and flyers to put out all over Utah County. Wish me luck! 

In other aesthetic news, I've been having Sephora withdrawals lately. Something about the approach of summer, and feeling the need to change makeup styles and processes. I'm in need of some non-irritating, non-sticky, hydrating spf 30-50 sunblock. I'm also in need of some new perfume. And I'm to the butts of my favorite eyeliner. I haven't had money for that kind of thing in what feels like years. 

I'm also craving Aritzia lately. Their stock changes so rapidly that they never put lines up on their website. So going to the store is the only way to get my fix. And unfortunately that would entail going to Washington. Which thing I'd like to do, but am not doing.  

I think its a good thing I've finally made the decision to go to hair school and follow through with it. I think I'm going to feel more at home with all the "hair school girls" than I ever expected. Hopefully. And I'm going to one of the best schools in Utah as far as I'm concerned. 

That's all the babbling about nonsense I've got for today. Till next time, kids.