Thursday, February 26, 2009

I still wear my purple coat.

Sometimes I really miss people who don't exist any more.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ordinary Super Powers

At night, when I can't sleep because my thoughts are wandering, I focus on really specific things in order to quiet my mind. I'm sure that's common enough among people, but let me tell you the real part: The things I focus on? Super powers. What super powers I'd have, what caveats would come with them, and how I'd use them to change my life. Now, I'm not talking about flying or being invisible. I'm talking about "realistic" super powers..... whatever that means.

Like, I guess generally they're really useful super powers but just for me and my immediate surroundings. Lately, for instance, I fall asleep thinking about having the ability to move anything, no matter how microscopic, from one place to another with a snap of my fingers, and the power to change the color or pattern of absolutely anything already existing. My limits: I have to be able to see or very explicitly envision the from and to locations of the things I'm moving, and in the case of colors, the thing has to already have a color to it. I mean, I can't make air turn purple, but I can change the color of the carpet or a tshirt or a wall. And in both cases, I can't create and delete anything. I can only change/move them.

These would come in extremely handy in the case of our house. See, I'd move all the dog pee and dust and dirt and ick molecules from the floor/couch/walls/sink etc into the toilet, then flush it. And I'd hang up all our clothes and put away all our stuff exactly where it belonged. And THEN! because our carpet would be at least clean (though still missing small chunks because I can't CREATE molecules, only move existing ones... although maybe I could patch it with my moving powers... hmm... something to think about tonight...) I could change the color of it, the walls, our couches and everything else to create a comfortable, asthetically pleasing, paradise of a home. I could even do things like buy a nice frame with a crummy picture in it from DI and then snap and voila! masterpiece on our wall!

I feel these two, simple, unassuming super powers would make my life so much easier. And see, they'd be small and insignificant enough that theoretically speaking, I'd never be hauled in by the CIA to see how they could use me to control the world. I'd just get to live my life almost the same way I am now, but it would be cleaner and cuter! Who could ask for more?

Next time: When super powers just aren't enough; planning out my 3 wishes in such detail that there would be absolutely no negative loopholes (a la The Monkey's Paw).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week in Review

This week I:

Cut my bangs and hair much much too short

Felt utterly hopeless

Overcame my hopelessness without meaning to or trying

Decided against writing a 25 things list despite my many tags

Saw Australia (the movie) and missed the place of the same name miserably

Loved my roommates

Adored Cade and Gheybin's new place in Salt Lake

Played with no less than four puppies

Modeled at UVU

Had my car towed while modeling at UVU

Started two crocheted beanies and tossed one of them

Listened to a lot of Broken Social Scene and 808's and Heartbreaks

Decided to live

And talked on the phone to some of my very best friends