Saturday, July 23, 2011

my grandmother(s) are beautiful

My mom posted this photo of my grandma on her wedding day. I can't help but love it. She looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. I love her smile with her charming little gap, her perfectly arched eyebrows, and I love love love that at my age, she also had very short hair. Her little tiara veil is too adorable. I asked my mom where my grandma's dress ended up. She doesn't know. My great grandma (on the left) made the entire dress by hand, beading and all.

I also love the look on my other great grandma's face (on the right). Maybe that's where I get my sass.

At times I really miss my grandma. She passed away two and a half years ago. Sometimes I think out of everyone in my family, she and I were the most alike. When her eye sight started to fail, I would drive to her house and read to her. We got nearly half way through Vanity Fair before I left for college. She loved books as much as I do. And she had this great sense of humor. I can still picture her face when she'd grin and laugh. In fact, I can even still hear her laugh when I think of it.

I like to think that shortly after this photo was taken, her eyes crinkled a little more and that laugh spilled out a little in joy.

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